We should all live until we are at least 200 years old

Everybody has thought of eternal life during his life at least once. Sometimes we think that it is so interesting and necessary, but unreal to be immortal. In my opinion, there are some points in favour of a long life.

At first if we lived at least 200 years, we would see all countries and miracles in the world. Secondly we would answer the questions about the essence of our life. The third reason is that every man would achieve all his aims and carry out his own dreams. You would be near your relatives as long as it is possible, you would see the life of your children and grandchildren.

It isso wonderful and marvelous.

I am not personally in favour of any of these things. In fact, I find it unnatural and needless. The point is that there are lots of terrible things in our

World, which don’t kill us, but take away our force and wishes for life. Some people worry about their agony, therefore they don’t want a long life at all. Secondly, there are many poor people all over the world, who don’t have any necessary things such as home, dress, food, money. I think they don’t believe that their pitiful life will be so long and happy.

Finally, I want to say that some people think that their life is useless, they don’t like it and sometimes they commit suicide.

To sum up, despite the fact that there are a lot of points against a long life, however it would be exciting. But to my mind, people should die as soon as it is necessary for God, because our life and destiny are in his reliable hands.

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We should all live until we are at least 200 years old