Секрет – Secret

Sometimes in your life and in my life we have difficult moments. I want to share with a secret how to escape such as moments. I have utilized my leadership skills in handling any difficult interactions with someone from another culture or background by compromise.

I think it is the best way of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms. For instance, In English Club many people from different cultures, Russians, Kazakhs and one American, go. One day in English Club, one part of the students wanted to have discussion but another part wanted to play a game.

I suggested maybe we would do both. At first we had a discussion to warm us up to games and after that we played the game Taboo. Everybody was happy with that compromise. And everybody was pleased and

We had fun. In fact, compromise is a wonderful activity for personal growth and an excellent way to experience the power of unconditional giving. I learn how to integrate compromise in my life and I can do wonderful things for my relationships with co-workers, friends and people from different culture.

And I know that you can solve your problems by using compromises.

Life will be more fun!!! Good luck!!!

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Секрет – Secret