Что означает фраза “успех в жизни” – What does the phrase “success in life” mean?

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English says that success is when you achieve what you want or intend.

But what does success mean to people? Are people successful because they have happy lives and succesful in their own way? Success means different things to different people.

Some people think that this is when they carry all before themselves. Someone says that success isn’t important in their lives. But it is.

Maybe success is to have a lot of money! Perhaps. For some people it is measured in financial terms, by the amount of money they posses. In many professions it plays a very important role in such competitive spheres as sport, show business etc. Success at school is impotant to all students and for me too.

There is one thing that worries me. While we are all madly trying to compete with some successful people, for example actors, singers, businessmen and others, the rest part of our life is passing by. People can’t work all days and

nights long just earning money because we aren’t machines, we’re living beings. I think that it is when I pull myself up by my bootstraps when I make headway.

I don’t want to make a name for myself. I think that success is when you love, because love is natural only for humans. Some people say that the sky is the limit, but the only opinion I have is that the biggest success is to be human!

Youth is a period of frivolous light-minded relations and unbelievably crazy acts and of course it is the time of love. They say it is the springtime.

Being young we don’t think about consequences, we do everything we want. But this is the time of mistakes. Our parents teach us to study their life. But we make them again and again.

In spite of this youth is a period of happiness and injuries, of laugh and envy of quarrels and pasting’s. But it is the brightest and the most unforgettable part of every man’s life.

At this time we do many absurdities and a lot of foolish we do not want to say about them.

Youth is of course, our first beautiful love. The Great

Russian poet Alexander Pushkin said: “Relentless ardour, frank wishes…”. All

This means being young. An impulse, a timid look the declaration of love and the first kiss.

But sometimes it’s difficult to be young. Never give up! Achieve your life aim, defend your interests and have your own opinion. Do not change your own opinion and do not forget your own dignity.

Live and know that you will leave something important after you.

I think teenagers spend their pocket money free and it is their choose. Some teenagers spend all their money at one but some teens buy something special. I think teens should plan their own budget.

Pocket money makes teens more independent and responsible. Teens become independent from their parents. But parent’s need know what their children spend money.

Many teens waste money a lot of things which don’t need them really.

In spite of teenagers buy tickets textbooks, lunch’s and others important things shouldbe paid for with pocket money. Pocket money gives teens many opportunities. For example teenagers go to the cinema or to the swimming pool with their friends or to buy common things together many others common causes.

Personally I am pupil when I’ll be

Student or I’ll work in the future, I’ll plan my own budget.

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Что означает фраза “успех в жизни” – What does the phrase “success in life” mean?