Жизненные ценности человека – Vital values of the person

What is the vital value of the person? Certainly it what values to what aspires and of what he thinks. Different people think differently, will condemn, argue or impose therefore the point of view wrong and even to the inappropriate.

One can appreciate work, career, a place in a society; another on the first place puts a family, love and friendship.

To begin with we will mention such theme as a career. What does career for any person in general mean? I think, many would like, that it would be successful, all dream to live enough обеспеченно, wish to afford everything but very few people wish to achieve it.

Certainly, if the person is able to “turn” in a society even without special abilities it can make the way on high enough lath in career growth. But it is not

Always fair. Right after open-cast mines it would be desirable to talk about a family. A family is the important vital value for the majority of people. Girls since the childhood

start to reflect on the future life, playing “Daughters – mothers”.

Already there from there is an anxiety on people with which you wish to live together till the end of a life. Many great people push us to appreciate the family, after all to return love or to gain trust very difficult. Close people necessarily will help, will support and will present warm dialogue.

People are helpless creations without dialogue, friends and their support. The friendship plays the important role in the life of any person. It is not important, as it will open that nobody is necessary to it, not important, how much bad it will seem the person, an essence one – it isdependent on a society. In the childhood we were excited with only pleasant pastime with the friends in a court yard.

We liked to jump, run, have fun and bathe in the mutual understanding sea. Growing up, we start few помалу to neglect friendship and to quarrel on trifles, but it only strengthens connection between us. Many people value and are proud of it.

When you feel bad, that will share misfortune – you will

come to you friend, when feel good to tell about the pleasure – you will come to the friend when the help is necessary to you – you will come to the friend, in the same way you are disinterested and absolutely sincere in all help and accompany it.

Study and career are different vital values as someone can study only for the future trade, that in the future in what not to refuse, and someone to study and learn new to itself, expanding the outlook. What is the rest? A relaxation? Temporary leaving from problems?

Or simple pastime with a family and friends? Some opinions on thisconcept are erroneous. Rest… Such soft, quiet word full of hopes.

There is an association with wood, carefree laughter or a cosy sofa. But at someone this rescue from eternal problems. The purpose. Word such firm, responsible and full of hopes. Yes-yes hopes, after all we assign execution of our dream to end of the purpose.

The one who lives without the purpose as if does not live in general. The life seems grey, boring and monotonous but if the purpose is, even the small and insignificant always it would be desirable it to reach and you will make all probably that it happens. In this case starts to live more interestingly as in gambling – it is constant ставив the purposes and it is successful finishing to stop already difficultly them.

At everyone the sights how to live – second or in the afternoon, past or to count on many forward, but the purpose remains the purpose, it should be at everyone.

Vital values… And unless the life is not this value? Nobody reflected that actually it has.

Those things to which we did not pay attention till now, seem us absolutely elementary, but all it on true is fine.

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Жизненные ценности человека – Vital values of the person