Burning problems of modern cities

Almost half of the world population live in unban areas and, as cities grow even larger, conditions for city dwellers are likely to get worse. Two of the most critical problems are environmental problems and crime.

Most cities faced environmental problems at the end of the 20th century, which were caused by a rapid growth of population and car ownership. Since then on this argenda has become the stumblind block of the society. A number of solutions have been proposed to solve these problems beginning with the idea of digging all the rubbish and ending with reducing the number of cars and replacing them with public transport. However, it has turned outobviously that these methods won’t demolish the roots of the problem and it will return anyway. However, there are still some opportunities to inprove the situation.

First of all, we should pay more attention to the recycling mechanisms and introduce this system almost everywhere as it may help us to overcome rubbish

and waste problems. Paricipants should be encouraged to use this system to make the involvment more effective. Another solution is to introduce eco-friendly fuel by cutting off its price.

The more people use it, the better ecological situation will be.

The second, but not less important problem is crime. This argenda wasn’t the reflection of the 20th century, but existedlong before the beginning of integration and globalisation (but they put some obstacles in the way of uprooting this ancient sin). This problem is closely connected with unemployment, educational problems and religious illiteracy. So, a possible solution might be to create more working places and privide people with better disability allowances and unemployment benefits.

Morover, the government should introduce a powerful structure of affordable amenities to bring children bach home from streets. And the church aslo should educate and guide people. The syntesis of thier efforts will prevent people from commiting a crime.

To conclude, I can say that the solutions I’ve proposed are niether new nor creative. However, they’ve been effectively used in developed countries and have already brought significant results.

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Burning problems of modern cities