Our planet is getting hotter

Every year, every month our planet is getting hotter. This is cause of global warming. There are some think which cause global warming:

Gases. When heat from sun hits the Earth, most of this heat goes back into space. But now some gases, like carbon dioxide, catch the heat.

In result, carbon dioxide control the temperature. The result of big numbers of CO2 are cutting down trees and pollution Air pollution is creating by petrol from cars and waster from factories. Water pollution is creating by throwing rubbish and chemicals into the seas.

If the Earth getting hotter, storms and hurricanes will become more common. No snow on the mountains in winter will mean dry reservoirs and droughts in summer. Large part of some countries around the Mediterranean could even become deserts.

Global warming cause melt ice and level of sea become bigger and bigger.

We can do something to help environment:

We would separate rubbish and recycle glass, paper, plastic and tin cans We would use paper bags We wouldn’t leave TV, PC or music on when we are not in the room We wouldn’t use a lot of water and have a quick shower Switch lights off when we leave a room Print on both sides of paper Plant trees Install special filters on factory’s stovepipe Don’t use car a lot

10.Don’t throw rubbish on the ground

We would do this because only people can help environmental.

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Our planet is getting hotter