Стилистический анализ текста: Erskine Caldwell “Man and Woman”

The text under stylistic analysis is taken from the book “Man and woman” by Erskine Caldwell.

The story is told by author. The main characters are the man and the woman, their names are Ring and Ruth. It;s the story how people try to find a right way out and save their lives.

The author shows it with the help of metonymy “each step they took peering toward the horizon” – it means how tired they were and we can see it also with the help of comparison “like shadows left behind by the night” and simile “as quickly as it was raised”.

They came up to the road to the hill, it was a quarter of the way up and the author uses here a comparison “cut like a knife by the treeless horizon”. They saw a valley and several houses, but most of them were so far away from them. Here the author again describes these people and shows how much tired they were with the help of comparison “his pale face like blood” and epithet “his eyes were tired and lifeless”.

The man looked as if he might lose his balance and fall to the ground. The woman decided that they should get to eat something at the first house.

The author describes the nature and atmosphere around them with such stylistic devices: comparison “streaks of grey clouds, like layers of wood smoke, swam across the face of it” and metaphor “fiery button that seared”. Ring and Ruth gathered their last strength and soon they found themselves in front of the house.

This story shows how much strong people can be and it helps them to find the way out and to stay alive.

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Стилистический анализ текста: Erskine Caldwell “Man and Woman”