Thank you for the music The songs I’m singing, , Thanks for ail the Joy They are bringing, Who can live without it Me or thee? Thank you for the music For giving it to me! You have certainly heard of the well – known Austrian composer Wolfgang Mozart and heard some of his splendid music.

Mozart was a genius. He began to show his wonderful talent for music when he was quite a child. His elder sister was learning to play the clavier. A clavier is like a piano, only smaller.

She sat up straight and played. Her legs did not nearly reach the floor, for she was only eight years old. The soft, gay tune she played could be heard all over the house. In another room her three – year – old brother Wolfgang was playing with his toys.

He heard the music, and sat quite still for a moment, listening. Then he jumped up from the floor, and ran into the room where the clavier was. “Let me try”, he said to his sister. “All right”, laughed

Wolfgang’s sister.

Wolfgang was only a baby, and she thought he would just make a noise, but he didn’t. He put two fingers carefully on two keys. It made quite a pleasant sound. “I can make music”, he said happily. After that, he took a great interest in his sister’s music lessons.

He surprised everybody when he showed that he remembered the little pieces in her music book, and played them himself by ear. “I want to learn music”, he said. He said it so many times that his father, who was a musician himself, began teaching him. Wolfgang learned quickly, and he could soon play a number of pieces perfectly.

When he was four years old, he started composing his own tunes and playing them on the clavier. “Wolfgang is a wonder – child”, everybody said. When the boy was six years old, his father decided to show him to the world. He took him and his sister to many of the big cities in Europe, where the two children gave concerts.

When the boy appeared on the stage and performed, the audience was delighted, and applauded the wonder –

child with all their ffearts. To everybody’s surprise, the little boy was not at all nervous because he had to play to a grown – up audience, which knew and understood music well. He was not at all shy.

The child Mozart’s first performances made him a name in Europe. His father took him from one country to another. His whole time was given up to music and he gave more and morejxmttJrtsBul excitement and overwc

His son rest. But as soon as he was better, young Wolfgang wanted to perform again, and again he and his father started off to the big cities of Europe. He could not imagine his life without music.

He composed tunes all the time, wrote them down on pieces of paper, tried them on the clavier. He composed music when he was a little child, when he was a big boy, when he was a grown – up man. As a young man, Mozart settled in Vienna.

He wrote symphonies and several great operas, including “The Marriage of Figaro”, and “The Magic Flute”. He died very suddenly after a short illness. Rumour had it that he had been poisoned, but it is more likely that he had a weak heart.

He died so poor that only the gravedigger attended his funeral.

There are many legends around Mozart’s death. They say two weeks before his death a man in black visited him anonymously and ordered him to write a requiem. Mozart agreed because he needed money badly.

He was a romantic and impressionable man. He felt sure that it was his death. The visitor in back was just a certain count who wanted to publish the requiem as his own composition.

All this happened a long time ago, but the music of Wolfgang Mozart is known and remembered today. His music is played all over the world. Sad tunes, gay tunes, happy tunes, solemn tunes – they will be played forever.

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