Экзамен, который изменил мою жизнь – City &;amp;; Guilds: Exam that has changed my life

Being quite good at languages, I was constantly thinking of sitting for some British exam to get some certificate to indicate my level of English. But while thinking about it, I faced some serious problems: our town is quite tiny to have any inretnational exames hold in, so I had to go to Moscow, but that wasn’t a good layout from the situation. But one day I heard about City &;; Guilds Examinations, and everything has changed significantly.

When I first to the examination centre and asked about the exam, I wasn’t quite convinced about it. However, my reason was constantly telling me that it was worth trying. So I decided to participate in one of the session (it happened 4 years ago and I was doing Intermediate Level). I was greatly supprised to understant that the exam required real language competence and practical skills but not a purely mechanical approach to the test, which is used while doing some other international exams.

So I was really happy about

the writen papers.

But what I loved best is definitely speaking exam! I was a bit nervous before it because I thought I wasn’t brilliant at speaking and couldn’t lead even a simple conversation. But when I entered the room where the inrerlocuter was staying, everything had changed drammatically. By the was, the nrerlocuter was Andrew Bayley!

He was so cheerful and smiling, a real powerful communicator, that his approach to the candidates chased my worries away! I’ve never ever met such a sunny person before! He asked me loads of quetions, we descussed various things and and by the end of the exam I understood that I could do it, I overcame the psychologicalbarrier and feit extremely confident!

I am really greatful to Andrew Bayley and City &;; Guilds Exams, because they’ve changed my approach to life from a completely passive to an active one. I understood that I should be self-assured and ambitious to achieve what I want ( thanks to this approach greatly, because I’m really sussesful at my studies and my job). Moreover, I realised that English is essential for

every person and I shouldn’t give up studing it.

As a result, I was enrolled to linguistic department of Ulyanovsk State University and now I work part-time as an English Tutor.

So I can claim that City &;; Guilds Exams that have completely changed my life and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me!

English is a worldwide language. Nowadays knowing of English is very important aspect to get a good job in Russia. Knowledge of English gives you additional chance to find a well-paid job in the time of crisis. But it’s impossible to know the quality of English without a special certificate. That’s why more and more people want to get an international certificate.

Such kinds of certificates show the real level of English. So if you are a student, a tourist, an immigrant, a person who is looking for a job abroad or in your own country and is planning to pass the English exam you should choose “City &;; Guilds”!

City &;; Guilds is aserious organization. There are about 100 Russian centers of British examination. I hope that Omsk will be one of them in the nearest future. The certificates of City &;; Guilds are accepted in all British Universities and many European Universities. Besides they are accepted by employers in business.

The certificates have a great authority in management. I have just read that this year will be more difficult to receive visa to stay or study in Great Britain or for a trip to English Summer School without an international certificate. You see that if you have no certificate City &;; Guilds you won’t be able to study in the country of your dream.

Thanks to City &;; Guilds you will be able to get a perfect education and a perfect job in different countries of the world.

As for me I’m going to pass the exam with the help of City &;; Guilds because I’m sure that thanks to it I will get a document which will help me to open the door of any university in the Europe. And it will be my first step for mybrighter future. I am sure that thanks to City &;; Guilds I will be a successful person!

So don’t hesitate to know more information about City &;; Guilds.

Good luck!

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Экзамен, который изменил мою жизнь – City &;amp;; Guilds: Exam that has changed my life