Diana Ross

There are lots of superstars these days, but one person who really deserves the name is Diana Ross. Her career began in the 1960s with “The Supremes”. Then she became a solo performer.

Diana Ross started singing with school groups in a poor area of Detroit. Together with two friends she approached the MotQwnjconHabel/lTM Supxem todlhmuTother artists on his label. It was the start of an enormously successful period for Motown.

Diana Ross and two her friends had fifteen number one hits around the world.

She made TV appearance, three movies and recorded several albums. But it wasn’t until she moved into disco in the late 70s that Diana Ross really caught the public imagination. She’s married, has three children, needs only six hours sleep per night and is working harder than ever.

Many people have tried to define what makes Diana Ross a superstar. Her voice? Her looks? Her elegance?

Her ability to make you feel emotion? Diana Ross herself doesn’t know the answer. About the long and varied career she says: ” I just know that I’m still here and I’m still working.”

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Diana Ross