Мои размышления о красоте – My thoughts about beauty

“Not every beauty inspires love: sometimes it gladdens the eye, but did not conquer the heart”. M. Cervantes.

Writers, composers and artists are always talking about the man in their books, music and art. What is he like? Good, honest, fair, smart, brave or evil, faint-hearted, stupid?

The artist watches the people trying to understand their feelings, characters and conveys his own attitude to them through his works of art.

So we try to find something new, perfect, unusual, that really affects our hearts. But “not every beauty inspires love.” Augustine just talked about it: “Everybody likes a beautifulhorse, but for some reason there is nobody, who wants to be like it.” One may like only the appearance, but the inner essence does not attract


I’m sure that you remember the famous Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about the Snow Queen, whose beauty was so perfect that Kai couldn’t but liked her. But the heart of this woman was cold, and people felt it.

The beauty of the man is in his acts, attitude to life, nature, animals. Heartless people differ from each other because of the vanity and selfishness, but even in the cruel heart the kindness appears.

If the pretty woman is walking along the street, passers can glance at her. Indeed, the beauty attracts, enchants, and makes us thinking, dreaming… The strength of the beauty lies in these points.

External appeal is not necessarily associated with beauty. May be that’s why we are trying to understand the essence of man, talking about his inner world,

What motivates his thoughts and actions. The beauty of the soul conceals some physical disabilities.

Each of us has the freedom of choice in dealing with people; each of us decides what comes first: the external perfection of form or manifestation of spiritual beauty. What do you prefer?

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Мои размышления о красоте – My thoughts about beauty