Birthday on a picnic

I think celebrating birthdays in flats rather boring. In Russia eating and drinking occupies the most part of a birthday celebrating. Everybody at the table very quickly becomes full and begins to feel sleepy. I hate such birthdays. But there is a good way out if your birthday is in summer, early autumn or late spring.

You can have a birthday party in the shape of a picnic. It is very convenient when you have a dacha or a country house.

Thus you may not hurry to finish picnicking and stay outside late at night and then go to sleep. And your birthday picnic can have a nice continuation of a fireside friendly night chat. This is also not bad if you do not have an opportunity to celebrate your birthday on a dacha.

In this case you choose any place in a forest or a park and have a picnic there. The only thing that may prevent you from enjoying yourselves is weather and mosquitoes. If it rains it is very difficult to make a fire. Besides, is there much pleasure in being

wet in the forest?

But it is equally unpleasant if it is hot. In hot weather one does not have much desire to stay by the fire and drink anything alcoholic. And almost in any weather there are armies of mosquitoes wishing to feast on our flesh and blood. So you have to be equipped with effective insect repellents. There are obvious advantages in having birthday picnics.

First, it is much cheaper, than celebrating at home or a restaurant. Second, the atmosphere of a picnic is rather special and very friendly. I like it, when several people take part in making a fire and cooking.

It is so nice to have a relaxed chat with your friends while sitting by the fire, listening to the sound of nature and, of course, eating tasty food. I am sure, that celebrating a birthday on a picnic, gives more pleasure, than doing it somewhere in the town. It is very important not to take with you any music players or radio sets!

Living in cities we got used to hearing these artificial sounds since early morning. I am sure there is no need for doing it in the forest.

Singing of birds, cracking of fire burning,

wind howling – are the sweetest sounds that we hear so seldom. After a picnic it is a must to collect all the garbage, put it into plastic bags and take it to the nearest garbage bin. And of course one has to be absolutely sure that the fire is put out. The only minus of birthday picnics is that it is rather difficult to have tea with a cake in the forest.

So you can invite your guests to your place where you can enjoy it for some time. Picnic is my favorite way of celebrating my birthdays. Sometimes when the weather is rainy I have to celebrate my birthday at home.

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Birthday on a picnic