A Pleasant Trip

An Englishman who was in France on a short visiting wanted to go back to London. Unfortunately he had enough money only to pay for his ticket. As he knew that the trip was very short, he decided that he could stay without food for two days.

So he bought a ticket and boarded the ship.

When dinner-time came, he did nnt gnto the dining room though he was very hungry. In the evening he was even hungrier but he did not take his supper and the steward thought that he was seasick. The next morning the Englishman was half – dead with hunger. “I shall eat”, he said to himself, “even if they throw me overboard after that”.

So when dinner-time came, he went to the dining room and ate everything that was put on the table before him. When dinner was over, he quickly got up and went to his cabin. In the evening when the ship was approaching London, he went to the dining room to have his supper. Then he called the steward and said to him, “Give me the bill for my meals, please”.

The steward looked at him in surprise and asked, “What bill?” “For the dinner and supper which I’ve had”. “But you paid for your meals when you bought the ticket”, answered the steward.

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A Pleasant Trip