A Careless Tongue

There was a young woman who liked to tell stories about her neighbours. Some stories were good, some stories were funny and then young woman told them to make people laugh. As always happens in such cases the other people, who heard the stories, told them to their friends trying to make the stories funnier and funnier.

Many good people suffered because of those stories.

An old man of the village where this young woman lived knew about it. He wanted to make her stop telling stories about her neighbours. He did not know how to do it, but then he thought of a good plan.

“Daughter”, he said when he met her any day. “I want to ask you to do one thing for me. I have here a bag with small stones. On your way home throw them as far as you can in all sides.

When you do it, come back and tell me”.

The young woman was surprised to hear it. But it was easy, and she agreed to do what the old man – asked. When the young woman came back,

the old man said: “Daughter, I want to ask you to do one more thing for me.

Go along the same road and pick up all the stones that have thrown away”. “But, Father, it is impossible” said the young woman. “I can find some of the stones and bring them back to you, but I cannot find all of them”.

“That’s true”, said the old man. “Those stones are liked the stories that you tell about your neighbours. It is not difficult to throw around small stones, but it is impossible to find them all. It is easy to make up stories about your neighbours, but it is impossible to call them back, because they go from mouth tdv mouth and become worse and worse. Remember this! First think, then speak.

Remember this always!” The young woman remembered it all her life.

Out of the options given below choose the correct one to bring about the main ideas of the text.

The young woman was…. c) a gossip. c) because she was very clever. a) a writer. b) a good actress. c) didn’t agree. She told stories…

To make people think. for


The old man asked the young woman to…

Throw small stones. count small stones in the bag. give small stones to the people in the village.

The young woman…

Didn ‘t understand anything, did as he asked her.

The old man again asked the young woman to… a) throw small stones. b) bring small stones to the river, c) pick small stones up. The old man advised the young woman to…

Remember all her stories. tell her stories to all the people, first think then speak.

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A Careless Tongue